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From an interview with Wolverine in 2013:

I was asked, how did I arrive at “no jurisdiction?” I said, it was simple – there was no treaty or purchase. These are the two things that Canada was given, for the province of British Columbia, for Canada, but since they haven’t been fulfilled here in this province – they only assume they have a right. But it’s not legal. So this is what I said to this officer, he stopped writing. He said, “no charges.” Because that legal argument would have to be heard in the court, and he knew they didn’t want to hear it. 

So these were some of the things that were done.

In 1993 we went down to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to see Miguel Martinez, a Cuban. He was supposed to come in to the USA at that time. But the United States wouldn’t allow him into the country. We had a panel of listeners, and video tape, and we recorded everything that was happening. There were movement people from Alaska down to Chiapas; from Seminole country all the way up into northern Quebec and a little further.

Miguel Martinez didn’t make it, so we recorded everything and sent it in to the UN. Martinez was studying the treaties, that was his UN mandate. So we, along with a few nations - the hereditary people from Bella Coola, and at Enowkin Center we made a treaty to be recognized by international law – so that was sent down to get ahead of the elected people in case they tried to enter into treaty in our nations. We put that ahead of them, to show Canada for what it is, and the fraudulent treaties they are making with the people.

So these are some of the things that lead up to 1995. These are the legal moves we made to show that we are not terrorists. We are Homeland Security, the real Homeland Security. As warriors we protect our people. Although there are not too many left, we still do our work.

Wolverine's Sovereignty

Collected Reflections, Essential Truths​

Contributors: Metallic; Ignace; Samson; Pitawanakwat; Hall; Manuel; Shafer; Lightbown; Morrison; Evans; Kaplan; Louie; Stump; Enrique; Muria; Sam; Kruger; Clark; Franklin; Dick; Schwarzbauer; Mahony; Diabo; Crompton; Aktionsgruppe - Indianer; Singh; Campbell

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About the book:

Wolverine, the indomitable Secwepemc sovereigntist, strategist, and war chief, has fundamentally affected people from many walks of life in many countries. Farmers, scholars, lawyers, activists, warriors, seed-savers, historians, and even some who needed a doctor, can all speak to his greatness of spirit and the ways he changed our world.

      This collection of life-changing moments and powerful influences, including passages of Wolverine's own words, will transmit the legendary struggle for Indigenous Sovereignty to future generations.

      Control of the publication will remain with his family, proceeds will go to them, their farm and home.