E M ​P

EMP in Community

As we live, so we radiate.
Our world turns on waves, pulses

- swelling, dropping, enveloping, exposing, crashing -
this press aims to fix for time
glimpses of the way we are, what we are, how we become.
Imprinting the electric, magnetic moments which take us beyond limitations of time and space, limitations of separation, and bend to a viable future; an avenged past;

a dynamic present.

The Promise

EMP is sourcing and promoting the talented, articulate, insightful minds of our time. These thinkers and dreamers, painters and photographers, political veterans and radical organizers don't fit bulk commercial trends nor are they “convenient” to state-sponsored press, but we will advance them independently using the best available technology of the print and digital publishing revolution.

Curriculum Publications 
and Indigenous Language primary readers

An important part of the EMP mandate is to partner with essential voices and expand the print resources needed in teaching unique languages. For example, an early-reader text in the language of Ucwalmícwts is hard to come by. School districts do not prioritize publication of Indigenous language teaching materials and most teachers make their own, then photocopy.

EMP is already partnering with language teachers and Elder Speakers to publish top quality, very affordable books and curriculum materials.

EMP is open and enthusiastic to work with appropriate language authorities to extend this service outside of its regular trade publishing activities.

Culture that nourishes good action.