The Fifth World

By Tsaskiy, Ron George

Salmon Heart

By Leanne Hodges

Líl’wat is a rich nation: rich in culture; rich with the best foods in the world; rich in people, beauty, water, minerals, mountains, salmon, history, civic equanimity, and more. 
But these riches have been the object of a 150 year assault on the people, their governance, their families, and the lands and waters themselves.  Líl’wat individuals, in Edmonds v. Canada, are presently in international court, the International Court of Human Rights, an arm of the Organization of American States.

How did they get there?

This book answers that question by presenting the most pivotal original documents in their struggle to survive as a people. The collection will reveal the road to self-determination, autonomy and independence. Including: the petition against British Columbia's arbitrary imposition of tiny Indian reserves in 1874, to the Declaration of the Lillooet Tribe in 1911, through a century of roadblocks and cultural resistance to Indian Residential Schools, criminalization of songs and ceremony and much more, to the Notices of Motion and in BC Supreme Court of the 1990s and interventions at United Nations forums throughout the last twenty years.

This book chronicles a struggle for autonomy which will win. 

Leanne Hodges is one of the most talented artists painting the west coast today. Her passion for the coast and all the life within it is the source of these amazing illustrations and this solemn, sacred prayer for the survival and restoration of salmon - and all the beings they sustain.

This publication is being developed especially for children, so that they may connect to the beauty of the salmon's world, no matter where they live.
"Wild Salmon Heart emerges from the sacred watersheds of our coastal miracle, the Wild Salmon Nation..."

Coming Fall 2019

Líl’wat - A Transcript of Resistance

Grandson of the great Wet'suwet'en leader Gisdayway, Ron George (Tsaskiy) writes the history of his family's dispossession.

The colonial war is fought on many fronts - at home, on the land, in schools, in hospitals and universities, in court, and right inside the victims' own identities.

Gisdayway, co-plaintiff in the famous Delgamuukw decision on Aboriginal title and rights, was not a "Status Indian." Ron George's life-long quest for self-determination for the colonized Indigenous nations has traversed potlatches, university, the United Native Nations, the Native Council of Canada, and further. His treatise on identity and the source of the individual's right within the nation is a confirmation of all the sovereigntists, the roadblockers, the war weary, and the next generations.

If Indigenous Peoples around the globe can be considered "The Fourth World" - as Grand Chief George Manuel named them, being even more desperate than the global "Third World" countries - then unrecognized Indigenous individuals, with no rights at home and no representation in the colonial state, are the citizenry of The Fifth World.


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I Pass The Torch To You

By Beatrice Elaine Silver

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